Toby is a UK based Film and TV composer with a real passion for getting the most out of every emotion evoked in films and transferring them to the musical score. He composes and orchestrates from his studio in the beautiful Worcestershire countryside and records in notable UK and International recording studios.

Toby comes from a traditional, classical music background. He has a huge amount of experience as both a performer and musical director and has travelled the world extensively in both capacities. He brings this wealth of experience to his film scoring.

Toby's recent credits include 'Louisa: An Amazing Adventure', a Feature Animation from Great British Entertainment, 'Life After Flash', a Documentary from Spare Change Films, and 'Cyber Bride', a Feature Sci-Fi from ChampDog Films. For a full list of credits please click here







Life After The Navigator

September 2019

Toby will be starting work on Spare Change Films latest feature documentary 'Life After The Navigator' in the coming months:

A feature that not only celebrates the 1986 classic "Flight of the Navigator", but also looks at the life of its child star, Joey Cramer, and his roller-coaster life since that breakthrough role.

Cyber Bride

August 2019

Toby is currently working on the score for ChampDog Films Feature Sci-Fi/Horror Film, Cyber Bride:

After the death of his wife, Rick, crippled in loneliness, stumbles onto the dark web after noticing that his neighbours wife is a little unusual. He learns of the customised Cyborgs and orders a replica of his wife with fatal consequences.

Evolution: Christmas Piano Album

August 2019

Four of Toby's tracks feature on the new Evolution Media Music album, Christmas Piano:

Get into the festive spirit with these mesmerising reimaginations of classic Christmas tunes ranging from piano lullabies to dark and cinematic arrangements. A perfect album to set the scene at the most wonderful time of the year!

Featured tracks: We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Away In A Manger, Deck The Halls & Auld Lang Syne

Evolution: Reverse/Relax/Rewind Album

July 2019

Four of Toby's tracks feature on the new Evolution Media Music album, Reverse/Relax/Rewind:

A beautiful collection of calm, ambient and cinematic soundscapes oozing with gentle piano, dreamy pads, strings and electronic textures. An excellent album for drama, nature docs, scene starters, Science Fiction and all things ambient.

Featured tracks: Hope For The Future, Confusing Emotions, Emotional & Dawn

Evolution: Contemplations Album

April 2019

Four of Toby's tracks feature on the new Evolution Media Music album, Contemplations

Minimal cinematic piano underscore cues for drama and documentary. Contemporary classical, always reflective and thoughtful, with a range of atmospheres from dark and desolate melancholia, to gently hopeful and life-affirming.

Featured tracks: A Drop In The Ocean, From The Mist, In The Moonlight Confusions

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Production Music

In addition to writing bespoke musical scores, Toby also writes music for the following Production Libraries (click to be redirected):




​Toby is represented by Rob Gold:
Email: robgoldmusic@aol.com

To contact Toby directly:

Email: tobyjdunham@yahoo.co.uk